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03 Jul 2017

Shift2Rail Joint Undertaking is recruiting:

Legal Officer

  • Temporary Agent (M/F)
  • Grade: AD7
  • REF.: S2R/2017/02
  • Deadline for applications: 03/07/2017, 17h00 Brussels Time
  • Location: Brussels

More information:


The Legal Officer will report to the Head of Administration and Finance and will be the JU reference person for all legal aspects.

He (She) will contribute to ensuring a sound legal environment for the S2R JU's overall functioning, in particular by providing legal advice and support on various legal aspects regarding S2R operations, including:  

  • Advice the Executive Director and/or JU Units on:  
  1. European Union law, notably in relation to the European transport policy, General Financial Regulation, institutional arrangements, etc.;
  2. Decisions for adoption by the Governing Board and/or the Executive Director;
  3. Compliance with European Union and S2R rules and regulations;
  4. Preparation and implementation of the S2R JU programme and actions;
  5. Risks of litigation and contributing to find solutions to avoid litigation;
  • Prepare the necessary legal acts;
  • Act as JU Data Protection Officer;
  • Ensure the management of call for tenders and functionally supervise the Legal Assistant to ensure the adequate management of call of proposals;
  • Contribute to the production of manuals, vade-mecum, internal procedures;
  • Establish strong relations with the Legal Service of the European Commission, the Council and the respective DGs, in particular DG MOVE;
  • Execute any other tasks corresponding to the profile and grade, as deemed necessary in the interest of the service and in support of the Head of Administration and Finance.

For further information on the selection procedure and the conditions of employment:

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